A Family Farm and Ranch Established in 1907

Collins Cattle, Inc. is one of the most progressive club calf and composite female producing operations in the country. Operated by the Collins families, this outfit is producing major winning steers and heifers and sharing their genetics through private female sale offerings. Each year the annual fall born steer sales produce or sell over 150 head of powerful fall born calves.  Over the past few years, Collins Cattle has raised and sold two Grand Champions at Oklahoma City, a Reserve Grand Steer at Fort Worth, the Champion Steer at San Antonio, plus many other Breed or Reserve Breed champions. In addition to the ranch program, Colby has sold many more steer and heifers raised from customers and partners through the showbarn. Colby and Shellie and their family, including Cierra and Claire live on the ranch with C.A. and Judy Collins in a family owned and operated farming and ranching outfit.

For C.A. and Judy Collins, tradition runs deep in the Kinder and Collins families, especially in seedstock and specialized cattle sales. Since the early 1900′s, Judy’s family, including L.L. Kinder, her Grandfather, was the first auctioneer in SW Oklahoma and was also responsible for the introduction of the first registered Herefords into the area. C.A.’s father, Cleo Collins, was the Southeast district supervisor for Oklahoma Vocational Agriculture. The Collins family was a well recognized and respected name in the VoAg and Vocational Tech circles for many years. C.A. and Judy, after meeting at Oklahoma State, have spent a lifetime producing and generating better beef genetics.

Visit Collins Cattle or contact Colby or C.A. today. The headquarters is located east of Frederick, OK in the southwest part of the state.

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