4th Generation Family-Owned Business

The Kinders homesteaded this land in Tillman County, Southwest, OK in 1906.  Colby and Christy Collins make the 4th generation to operate and raise cattle on it.  From Herefords to crossbred cattle and Show Steers; raising high quality cattle that work in the pasture and in the show ring has always been their mission. 



L.L. Kinder homesteaded the present day Collins Cattle Inc. headquarters in 1906.  As you can see from the picture above he was one of the first to introduce Hereford cattle to the area.  He started the first production sale on this ranch in 1928.  One of L.L.'s sons, Troy continued to raise Hereford cattle.  One of Troy's daughters was Judy Kinder.  After she and C.A. Collins met and graduated from Oklahoma State University they were married and came back to the Kinder Ranch to carry on the ranching tradition.  It was then called Kinder-Collins ranch, they continued to raise sought after Hereford cattle.  As Christy and Colby grew older the demand for Hereford cattle started to diminish and they started looking for alternatives for the ranch to remain successful.  Adding black cattle to the equation was a first move, developing a brand was the second.  The spokeless windmill was created and crossbreding their cattle was started.   Colby has been raising and selling show steers on the ranch for 21 years now.  He and his father C.A. have a priceless relationship and a work ethic unmatched.  The entire Collins family loves what they do; the cattle, the land, the competition to raise the best.  We are a family that believes in traditional values and heritage.  

Old milking barn transformed into an A.I. barn.

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